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Valencia, Spain

Since I was child I always had a strong passion for arts, drawing and a big love for videogames. After graduating in Computer Science I studied 3D in my spare time and attended an academy of Computer Graphics.

I started my career as environment artist, and over 8 years of professional experience I worked on many fields of CG and Real time visualization, including videogames, real time configurators, technical simulations, covering roles from 3D Artist to Supervisor and Art Director.

Some of my key skills are:
- environment modeling, props and world building
- hipoly modeling and sculpting
- low poly optimization for videogames and real time productions
- UV Mapping, Texturing, Lighting, Shading, Look Tuning
- PBR texturing
- Quality Assurance
- writing knowledge base and artistic/technical documentation

With the degree in Computer Science I also have a deep understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project, and I am always excited about learning and excelling with new technologies, doing researching on my own and sharing my knowledge in a creative team with motivated artists.

Please check out my CV, website and Artstation for more info and arts.


• Artout Creative Group Milano
• B&C Associati
• Bernazzoli
• Calier Italia S.r.l.
• Global Print Srl
• Inventa CPM S.r.l.
• LiqTech S.r.l.
• Motta Alfredo S.p.a.

• Nobrandsolution S.r.l.
• Oltrespazio
• Proxima Milano
• Studio Architettura Rocchi Milano
• U6 Studio


2017: CGMA certified in Intro to Environment Arts by Andres Rodriguez (Naughty Dog)
2009: BigRock Academy certified
2009: Autodesk certified in Master CG
2009: Autodesk certified in Mel Programming
2009: Autodesk certified in Advanced Rendering
2008: Computer Science Degree at University of Bologna

Software proficiency