Interactive Configurator | Unreal Engine 4

About this project

At the beginning this scene was supposed to be just an exercise to practice with UE (it was actually my very first project in UE).

Little by little I moved on and i decided to turn it into a working interactive configurator.

Playable with both keyboard and mouse or XBOX One/360 Joypad.


Developed in Unreal Engine 4 for:
PC|XBOX One|Android|Mac|PlayStation



My Tasks

- lowpoly optimization and UVs
- material setup in UE
- texturing
- lighting and post-effects
- programming the logic of the configurator using triggers and blueprints
- programming the control flow to handle the execution flow of the configurator (start|main menu|execution|pause menu|cinematics|execution of the logic|UI manager)
- camera animation for cinematics
- creation of the UI, icons, menus