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About this project

Taylormatic was born as a multiplatform product configurator.
It allows designers and manufacturer to present their products in a high realistic way, and the user is free to customize each product exchanging components, textures, materials, colors and so on. Thanks to its flexibility it can be used in many different fields, from fashion to automotive and furniture, connected to the ERP and ecommerce platform of the manufacturer.

It can be controlled by gestures by a Kinect-based gesture recognition. Also, a Kinect-based body scanning solution was developed which allows size detection of fully dressed customers. This is used for those products such as clothes which requires a size recommendation.

Finally, an asset manager allows to easily collect the products and store them into a database loaded into the system.

Research and Development by Artanim Motion Center, Geneva.

Project website: www.taylormatic.com


Developed in Unity3D for:
PC|XBOX 360|Android|iOS|MacOS|Linux



My Roles

Responsible of the 3D department
Art Director
Lead Artist
UI Artist
Outsourcing Management
Quality Assurance

My Tasks

Managing assets inside Unity
Optimizing performance according to PC/Tablets/Smartphones specs
UI Design
Managing outsourcing partners
Supporting R&D for internal tools development
Ads campaign
Website coding, layout, graphics, contents


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